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Custom Development

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Staff Augmentation

In today’s competitive market, securing the right talent for continuous software development can be tough and time-consuming. Staff augmentation can be a convenient way to source talent, but how can you trust that the new hires are fully equipped and dedicated to your success?

That’s where Shrine Development comes in. 

We stand apart from traditional agencies and staff augmentation models because we work fully integrated with your team, focusing on the outcome of the project and standing by you from idea to execution. Additional Benefits include:

Managed Staff Augmentation

Elevate your projects with our comprehensive approach. We not only place top-tier talent on your team but also offer strategic consultation, project ownership, and ongoing management, ensuring successful outcomes.

Why Choose Shrine?

Experience the Shrine Advantage: Where Speed, Expertise,
and Collaborative Excellence Converge

Speed to Market

We operate at the pace of startups while providing enterprise-grade software solutions built for enduring success.

Proven Processes and Team

We’ve been down this road before; our track record with Fortune 100 Companies is a testament to our expertise.

Seamless Collaboration

From intricacies in vendor contracts to approval processes, we excel in navigating these areas, ensuring effective and timely stakeholder consensus building.

Shrine Advantage

Experience the Shrine Advantage: Where Speed, Expertise,
and Collaborative Excellence Converge

Sourcing Candidates


Technical evaluation


Skills training & Certifications

Staff Aug & Traditional Agencies


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Project start

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Service Staff Aug Managed Staff Aug Custom Development
Talent Sourcing
Strategic Consulting
Project Management
QA Services
Client Obligations
Existing Software or team
Existing Software or team
UI/UX Design
Yes, by default. Not required.
No-fee Contract to Hire
Initial Engagement
2-week trial
AI-Audit and/or Discovery
Proven Process Playbooks
Playbooks provided
Playbooks provided
Must be used.
Number of Resources
Engagement Length
6+ months
6+ months
4-6 months
Minimum Budget

Tech Stack

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Shrine has been a key partner for us, playing a critical role in our journey to revolutionize the medical aesthetics space.

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