A global teampassionate about bringing the next great web3 project to life.

Global first. Global forever.

Web3 is changing the world. We are here to help lead the charge.

Our Mission

We are a global team passionate about collaborating with the best minds in the web3 space to bring their visions to life. We work with enterprises, startups and entrepreneurs that are looking to launch innovative solutions in the blockchain, NFT and cryptocurrency spaces. We seek to work with people who are in it to win it. If you have a “fly by night” project looking to make a quick buck off launching some NFTs, then Shrine is not for you. We collaborate with those who want to build long-term, sustainable relationships with their communities.

Beyond the buzzwords

Global first. Software development is hard work — and we believe the individuals who do the hard work should be rewarded for sharing their talents with the world. At Shrine, we are committed to working with people who are looking to make a big impact across the globe. After all, it takes as much effort to work on small problems as it does big problems. So, why not aim large?

Global forever. We are a remote, distributed team with individuals from all over the world. We do not discriminate against working with people in all different countries. We have seen that many firms preach diversity, yet do not hire beyond certain cities or countries. We strive to do better.

What makes us shine

Hint: It’s more than just our “can do” attitude.

We are not in the software business. We are in the business of serving those who seek to make a difference in the world. At Shrine, we value integrity and honesty. We carry out these core values by maintaining open and continuous communication with our clients.

Every decision we make must put our clients in a better spot to win in the marketplace. We believe in transparency and accountability — so if it doesn’t serve the client, we won’t do it.

Shrine’s success depends on a diverse and inclusive workforce.
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