Loyalty Platforms that Drive Customer Engagement

Custom Solutions Backed by Shrine’s Proven Experience

At Shrine, we specialize in the development of cutting-edge loyalty software platforms. Throughout the years, we’ve gathered extensive experience in building complex loyalty programs and modernizing legacy loyalty software. 

Our dedicated team is your go-to partner for developing and enhancing loyalty platforms that drive engagement, foster connections, and deliver lasting value.

Success Stories in Loyalty Innovation

Allē – Aesthetics Loyalty Platform for Allergan Data Labs

Shrine partnered with AbbVie’s subsidiary Allergan Data Labs to create the aesthetics loyalty platform Allē.

Allē was developed to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for users. Currently serving over 3 million users, Allē was successfully integrated into nearly 20,000 medical offices and spas across the U.S.

laptop device
laptop device

Society – Proprietary Solution for Sustainable Connections

Shrine’s innovative prowess is showcased in Society, a proprietary web3 software designed for enterprises, brands, and entrepreneurs seeking sustainable and aligned connections with their communities.

Society is utilized for community management by Superplastic, a renowned entertainment/NFT brand, and has facilitated interactions with over 25,000 users and facilitated transactions exceeding $30 million. Superplastic’s community boasts partnerships with notable artists such as The Weeknd and Post Malone, as well as esteemed brands like Mercedes and Gucci.

Why Choose Shrine for Loyalty Platforms

Proven Experience:

With a track record of successful projects across various industries, our team brings proven expertise to the development and modernization of loyalty platforms.

Reputable Collaborations:

We've collaborated with reputable brands, demonstrating our ability to meet the unique demands of diverse industries.

Innovation in Loyalty Software:

Shrine is committed to bringing the most innovative cutting-edge technology into loyalty solutions, facilitating sustainable and aligned connections.

Elevate your brand's loyalty platform with Shrine.

Whether you’re embarking on a new loyalty program or seeking to modernize an existing platform, our team is ready to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.