Answers to questions we are commonly asked.

Our prices for various projects are calculated based on how many hours we expect each project to take. The price varies depending on who is working on the project.

DEVELOPMENT $110 – $215/hr
DESIGN $110 – $215/hr
OFFSHORE $50 – $75/hr

Shrine offers discounts for 3+ month engagements.

Yes, we will take equity in exchange for a lower rack rate. However, it is not a discount, it is a different method of compensation. The risk of the equity is reflected in the amount of equity required.

Co-development means two software teams working on one mission.

Shrine Development works with startups and your existing technical team as partners, not as a vendor or client. This means we’re in the same meetings and using the same systems. When you’re in a co-development situation, you have two smart, driven teams working together.

We’ve found that having two perspectives is better than one. Two teams. One mission. Taking care of business.

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