Get Your App Back on Track: Your Software Modernization Checklist

Does crashing software have you down? Use this quick checklist to prep for the modernization process.  Technology is constantly changing...

Does crashing software have you down? Use this quick checklist to prep for the modernization process. 

Technology is constantly changing — which means staying up to date with the latest industry best practices is more pressing than ever. After all, businesses that rely on outdated software risk falling behind their competitors and facing security vulnerabilities. 

It’s crucial to have a strategic plan for modernizing your software in place. This checklist will guide you through must-do steps to ensure a successful and efficient software modernization process.

  • Conduct an assessment. Before diving into modernization, conduct a thorough assessment of your existing software. This should involve identifying obsolete technologies, existing tech debt, and potential bottlenecks, as well as evaluating the overall performance, scalability, and security of the system. This analysis will serve as the foundation for your modernization strategy.

  • Define goals. Clearly define the objectives of the modernization effort. Do you want to enhance the user experience? Meet the latest compliance standards? Or have a software system that overall performs more efficiently? Having well-defined goals will guide your decisions. Prioritize these objectives based on business impact and urgency.

  • Create a roadmap. A comprehensive plan should outline the steps involved in the modernization process. Break down the project into manageable phases, each with its own set of deliverables and milestones. During this stage, consider what modern programming languages and frameworks your team may need to adapt, as well as new technologies you may need to embrace — such as cloud technologies.

  • Focus on the user experience (UX). User experience is a key driver of software adoption. Evaluate and enhance the user interface (UI) and overall UX to meet contemporary standards. Solicit feedback from end-users and incorporate usability improvements. A user-friendly software interface can significantly impact user satisfaction and productivity.

  • Conduct security audits and compliance checks. Security should be a top priority during modernization. Conduct thorough security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities. Ensure that the modernized software complies with industry regulations and data protection standards, and have the most up-to-date security measures in place to safeguard against cyber threats.

  • Formulate a strategy for data migration. If your modernization involves migrating data, you will need a detailed strategy for ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data during the transition. Strategize with your team on backup mechanisms and contingency plans to mitigate the risks associated with data migration.

  • Prepare your team. Have your team on board for the changes involved with the modernization process. Offer training sessions to familiarize them with new technologies and workflows. This will help to minimize resistance and ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders.

  • Make a plan for continuous monitoring and optimization. Modernization is an ongoing process. Implement continuous monitoring mechanisms to track the performance, security, and user satisfaction of the modernized software. Regularly optimize and update the system to stay ahead of emerging technologies and evolving business requirements.

Next Steps

With this checklist in hand, you can better prepare for the software modernization process. But you may feel that you need a guide or consultant to help you along the way as well. That’s where Shrine Development comes in. Shrine is currently offering FREE Modernization Audits to help organizations pinpoint any issues that could be compromising their software. This includes a free one-on-one troubleshooting session with a senior software developer, along with access to Shrine’s Proven Playbook for Modernizing Apps.

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