We’re growing and looking for talented people like you! Take a look at our open positions.

Are you looking for an opportunity to help a profitable dev shop expand their global footprint? We partner with a wide range of businesses, from unicorn start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, to build mobile and web-based applications and business solutions.

Our clients include start ups and corporates based in USA.
Projects span industries such as health care and finance to block chain and travel.
Our team is distributed across the globe. We’re located in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Mexico and South Africa.
We work with modern tech such as ReactJs, Node and GraphQL.

Shrine is growing fast and we’re actively looking to hire talented software engineers.

The best way to kick things off is by completing our online application form.

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Here at Shrine, our goal is to create a team of world class talent. The way we accomplish this is by having a thorough review, not just of your skills but also to make sure we work for you. We do this through our 6-step hiring process:

1. Fill out an online application.
2. 30 min call to establish if we’re a match.
3. Coding Challenge – at home in your own time.
4. 1 hour call to review your code.
5. Quick call with Leadership.
6. We hopefully make an offer!

We are a remote first company. We are proud to work with Our team who live all across the globe – in countries such as USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and more!

Our head office is located in Lexington, MI.

We are a people first business that thrives through are diverse team and their incredible talent, and we are happy to work with you no matter where you are! 

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Here at Shrine, we live by a fundamental core set of values:

Friendly Strength – Good Person, Thoughtful, Kind, Helpful, Non-judgmental, Looks out for the greater good.
Master Craftsman – Skilled, Learning Every day, Client-centered, Impact-focused, High Standards, Business-focused, Self-starter.
Doggedly Persistent – Overcome Obstacles, Remove Blockers, High Energy, Follow-through, Proactive, Not afraid to get into the mud, Acts with Urgency.
Steady – Measured, No Drama, No Panic, Consistent, Listens and Adapts, Coachable, Keeps Commitments.               
Forward Looking – Truthful, Sees Solutions, Sets the Agenda, No Cynicism.

Does this feel like you? Then apply today!

We want to see your code implementation, style and familiarity with the tech.

The Coding Challenge is a simple project which requires you to develop a full stack system. We’ll give you 4 days to complete the project. Some developers complete it in a couple hours while others put in extra effort to stand out – it’s up to you!

Once you’ve submitted your repo, we’ll review the code. If it looks good we’ll set up a video call to ask more detailed questions.

"This is a well-connected team of friendly and intelligent software enthusiasts. Shrine puts its people first - it's motivating when there are leaders who listen and take action!"

Tech Stack

Open Positions

We’re always on the lookout for brilliant people to join our team. Right now, we’re hiring for the following role(s):

  • Senior React Developer with CMS (Contentful)
  • Senior Full-Stack Engineer (NFT/Blockchain)