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How does
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Discovery Phase is all about identifying exactly what needs to be created and to what extent. By gathering information and breaking it down into a detailed document, we ensure we’re on the same page from the beginning.

We split development into phases to deliver usable code sooner, allowing you to test features earlier and provide feedback to ensure the final product meets your needs.



Our deliverables are designed to give you a clear understanding of the work necessary to develop the entire project.

Shrine partners with top minds worldwide to create impactful projects. With six years of success and numerous completed projects, we are the perfect partner for those seeking to bring their important projects to life.

Douglas Drouillard
CEO of Shrine
Figma.logoCreated using Figma

Figma app prototype provides a detailed demonstration of app features and functionality

Architecture plan spreadsheet outlines technical details of the project

Project time and cost estimate provides a comprehensive breakdown of time and resources required to complete the project

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