How Staff Augmentation Boosts IT Project Efficiency

Staff Augmentation can help IT projects increase speed and efficiency while being cost-efficient Tech projects often come with shifting deadlines,...

Staff Augmentation can help IT projects increase speed and efficiency while being cost-efficient

Tech projects often come with shifting deadlines, complex requirements, and fluctuating resource needs. So, how can organizations best tackle these challenges? Staff augmentation can help streamline processes and keep IT projects on time without compromising quality.

Staff augmentation involves supplementing your in-house team with external talent, typically through outsourcing or contracting. Rather than hiring full-time IT employees, companies leverage the expertise of professionals on a temporary basis to fill talent gaps or oversee specific project requirements. 

At Shrine Development, we’ve seen firsthand how software staff augmentation can help organizations quickly get the talent they need to boost their projects. Here are a few ways staff augmentation can increase productivity and enhance project efficiency. 

You can access specialized skills when you need them

Tech projects typically require a diverse set of skills, ranging from software development and quality assurance to data analysis and project management. By opting for staff augmentation, companies gain access to a vast talent pool with specialized expertise. Whether you need help implementing a new tech stack, developing a mobile app, or enhancing cybersecurity measures, you can swiftly onboard vetted software professionals.

As a staff augmentation firm, Shrine Development connects organizations with quality software talent and high-demand skill sets. And we often need to do that fast. This occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic when Skedulo, a cloud-based scheduling platform, was engaged by government entities to create efficient online vaccine scheduling. This meant they faced an unprecedented increase in workload. They needed a strategic partner to rapidly scale up operations. Shrine stepped in as a managed staff augmentation partner, taking on a multifaceted role to support Skedulo in the critical vaccination efforts. Our involvement extended to technical leadership, project management, strategic consultancy, and full-stack software development. You can read more about our work here.

It’s a flexible approach to scaling IT teams

Project requirements typically change over time due to changing market dynamics, emerging technologies, or shifting business priorities. Staff augmentation enhances flexibility to scale the team up or down in response to these fluctuations without the overhead of hiring or downsizing full-time employees. Whether there’s a sudden surge in workload or a need for niche expertise for a short time, companies can swiftly adapt their team to meet demands.

It’s important to have a go-to partner on hand to help meet evolving project demands. Allergan Data Labs, part of AbbVie, has worked with Shrine Development for over five years as a nearshore staff augmentation partner. Based on needs, Shrine has placed over 40 IT experts in roles such as front- and back-end development, data science, and quality assurance.

Onboarding and training are quicker

Traditional recruitment processes can be time consuming, involving multiple rounds of interviews, assessments, and onboarding procedures. Yet, staff augmentation allows organizations to onboard experienced professionals swiftly, minimizing the ramp-up time required. An accelerated onboarding process enables teams to hit the ground running, maximizing productivity from the start. In fact, we have seen that using Shrine Development for staff augmentation has helped our clients save up to 25 hours of time per new hire.

You can gain a fresh perspective for your project

With new talent comes fresh perspectives, experiences, and ideas. Unencumbered by internal biases or organizational constraints, these professionals can offer valuable insights to problem solving and innovation. Plus, the focused expertise they bring to the team can help your organization better ensure operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and adopt best practices.

It is a cost-effective way to staff talent

From recruitment costs and employee benefits to infrastructure expenses and overheads, maintaining a full-time workforce involves significant financial commitments. Staff augmentation offers a cost-effective alternative by allowing companies to pay for the resources they need without incurring long-term liabilities. You can overall improve the administrative efficiency of your IT project while cutting costs.

Ramp Up Your Software Project Today

By leveraging external talent to complement your in-house teams, you can boost workflow efficiency while saving both time and money. At Shrine Development, we take a highly collaborative approach to staff augmentation. If you are looking for a more cost-effective way to access the software talent you need, then we can help. Schedule a no-obligation consult today to discuss your IT staff augmentation needs.