The Truth About Mobile and Web App Investments

An app can help grow your business and generate more revenue, offering a positive return on your investment. Here is...

In some ways, building a mobile or web-based app is like owning a sports car. Both require a serious financial investment. And a lot of people end up buying them for all the wrong reasons. 

An app can help grow your business and generate more revenue, offering a positive return on your investment (here’s how to calculate the potential ROI of your app). But many businesses make the mistake of only budgeting for the cost of building the app. 

Apps require regular maintenance, upgrades, and ongoing support. Just like that sports car that needs regular tune-ups. You have to factor in the costs of keeping it clean and filled with gas. And eventually, you will want to upgrade it, either with repairs or with an entirely new model.

Investing in a mobile or web-based app is not a one-time deal. This is why, at Shrine Development, we approach every project as a partnership. It’s why we’re known for building world-class applications that expand our clients’ businesses: we don’t just turn over the app and leave you hanging. We provide long-term support to ensure your app is running smoothly for years to come and that it stays relevant in the constantly changing marketplace. 


An eye on the future

An app built for today is an app doomed to obscurity. Technology moves at the speed of light, doubling every two years. 

That doesn’t mean you should ignore today’s customer demand and try to guess what people will be using ten years from now. But it does mean you need to consider how customers will be using your mobile or web app as technology and culture evolve. 

When our team starts work on a new app, we’re not just thinking about how your app works today, we’re thinking about three months or three years from now. What will your customer demand look like? How will your app compare with other solutions in the marketplace? How will the revenue model evolve?

Building an app is expensive. The best way to protect your initial investment is to plan for the future. 

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