How To Scale Healthcare Dev Teams

Scaling Healthcare IT Teams: Common Challenges & Tips for Tackling Them The healthcare industry is continually adapting to meet the...

Scaling Healthcare IT Teams: Common Challenges & Tips for Tackling Them

The healthcare industry is continually adapting to meet the demands of our digital-based world. From keeping up with compliance standards to safeguarding patient information to innovating ways to offer customized care, it has become increasingly imperative that healthcare organizations have scalable and flexible IT teams in place. But, that can be easier said than done. The reality is that many challenges can emerge as healthcare organizations seek to scale their tech teams. However, there are actionable strategies for tackling each problem. We will explore a few of them here. 

Challenge 1: Finding and Onboarding the Right Talent 

Healthcare IT requires a unique skill set that blends health domain knowledge with technical expertise. Finding professionals with experience in both areas can be challenging, leading to longer recruitment cycles and increased competition for top talent.

Solution: Partnering with a reputable software staff augmentation firm can be a game-changer. A firm like Shrine Development can source, vet, and onboard talent tailored to a set of specific needs — making sure a candidate not only has the tech experience required but also is a good fit for the organizational values and culture.

Challenge 2: Maintaining Compliance and Security

Healthcare data is sacred, and any breach can have far-reaching consequences. With stringent regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) in place, ensuring compliance and data security is critical. 

Solution: A tech-focused staff augmentation firm can provide professionals who have a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, enabling seamless integration of security measures into the IT infrastructure. At Shrine Development, for example, we continually train all software professionals that we staff on the latest cybersecurity measures. 

Challenge 3: The Ability to Scale Responsively

The healthcare industry is dynamic, with fast-paced demands and rapidly changing technologies. Scaling IT teams to match these fluctuations while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness can be downright tough.

Solution: By leveraging a mix of in-house talent and augmenting with external resources as needed, healthcare companies can scale their IT teams responsively. An ongoing partnership with a software staff augmentation firm ensures access to top talent precisely when required, without the overhead of permanent hires. Shrine Development, for example, can recruit and onboard high-demand talent like software developers and QA roles quickly. On average, our processes save our clients 25 hours per new hire. It can save a company both time and money while enhancing flexibility. 

Challenge 4: Resistance to Change  

Introducing new technologies or workflows within healthcare organizations can face resistance from those who are accustomed to traditional practices because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

Solution: Communication is key! It’s critical to educate stakeholders on how streamlining tech workflows can foster a culture of both collaboration and innovation. By opting for managed staff augmentation, a healthcare organization not only gains staffing options but also gets access to strategic consultation, project ownership, and ongoing management. A strategic partner can help demonstrate the ROI (return on investment) of staff augmentation and help get more stakeholders on board with change.

A Better Way to Staff Tech Teams 

At Shrine Development, we understand the conditions and challenges that healthcare companies often face with IT staffing. We have years of experience strategically placing high-impact software professionals for industry leaders, including the Allergan Data Labs team (part of AbbVie). We have seen firsthand how nearshore and offshore staff augmentation can be a time-saving and cost-cutting option to improve workflows. 

If you’re looking for a flexible solution for your IT staffing needs, then check out Shrine’s staff augmentation services. We can connect you with pre-screened talent that matches your company’s culture and values, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Schedule a free, no-obligation consult here