Beyond Augmentation: Unveiling the Shrine Advantage in Software, Strategy & Resourcing

In today’s highly competitive labor market, it can be challenging and time consuming to find the right talent for ongoing...

In today’s highly competitive labor market, it can be challenging and time consuming to find the right talent for ongoing software development needs. There are the so-called “catfish” profiles on LinkedIn that waste people’s time and energy. Plus, narrowing the talent pool may involve reviewing endless applications for a single opening. Then, there can be dozens of interviews to organize and hold — if you aren’t ghosted by some applicants first.  Staff augmentation can be a convenient way to source talent; a company can entrust a third-party to recruit software developers for short-term or long-term projects. But, how can you trust the new hires are fully equipped and dedicated to success? That’s where Shrine Development comes in. More than an App Launch In 2019, a global pharmaceutical powerhouse sought to expand its innovative software capabilities. Specifically, a division within the company sought to build a world-class  software development team for the long term. The division had previously used resources from vendors who weren’t necessarily committed to a long-term relationship. But this was not a “one-and-done” type of event; the goal was to develop a SaaS platform that would expand with new products and functionality for years to come.  Initially, Shrine Development worked with the client to onboard four software engineers onto the team. Since then, the four engineers have been promoted to team leaders. Within a few years, the division grew from a group of approximately 10 engineers to now 20 teams of between 7-11 people. As a premier partner, Shrine continues to source QA, front-end and back-end engineers for the client as they build adept, agile teams across the world. This rapid growth is a testament to the close partnership between Shrine and the client.  Our Approach  With traditional staff augmentation or agency models, you may find software developers who meet your checklist of requirements. Yet, there is a good chance they never fully integrate with your team. Shrine goes beyond staffing software developers; we cultivate a culture in which team members are invested in our clients’ outcomes. We work with each client to understand their software development needs and strategize as to how to best meet and exceed their project goals. Our approach includes: 
  • Seamless team integration. Shrine Development has a robust interviewing process to source top-tier software engineers from across the globe. We know the questions to ask and the experience to look for when it comes to talent. In fact, our hiring approach has been found to save a client 21 hours per new hire. We hire on a set of our own core values, including friendly strength, master craftsman, doggedly persistent, steady and forward looking. We then help to support the new hire as they acclimate to the client’s team and projects. Unlike a freelancer, this individual is not “on their own.” As the individual becomes fully integrated onto the team, they can then receive shout-outs and accolades from both leadership and their peers when they live out our core set of values. We also hold regular check-ins to understand how a Shrine developer is doing on a project and how we can continue to best support them.
  • People-first professional development. It’s one thing to keep a client’s interest in mind. But, Shrine also keeps the careers of their champions in mind too. We continually offer career growth opportunities to developers — working with them to understand where they want to go. Shrine team members are highly skilled and experienced in their specialty. We strive to provide mentoring, benefits and career growth that keeps the best people committed to us and our clients. 
  • Industry-leading best practices. Since our inception, Shrine has remained focused on building amazing software in an ethical manner. Our team members are continually learning and staying up-to-date on leading-edge technology and best practices to do just that.  
Your Project Deserves Standout Talent. Looking for the right team for your software project? From supporting emerging startups to collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, Shrine Development has the experience needed to help organizations bring their innovative ideas to life.  We are ready to help you get started on your own project in 30 days or less. Message to book your free consultation call now.