A Look Inside Shrine’s Discovery Phase

Ensuring the success of a software development project is crucial for any business. But with so many variables to consider,...

Ensuring the success of a software development project is crucial for any business. But with so many variables to consider, it can be challenging to know where to begin.  That’s why we start every project with the Discovery Phase. The goal of this process is to gather information and identify the project requirements, breaking down the development process into manageable phases. This allows the client to test features earlier and iterate if something is not the proposed intention. The key stages of the Discovery Phase include:
  • Clearly defining the goals and objectives. We hold a kickoff meeting with our client to discuss their vision for their project, such as an app. We will discuss the market need for the solution, any competitors, necessary features, admin and data requirements, and design. We will also identify the target audience and their needs. 
  • Scoping and market research. After meeting with the client, Shrine will do any additional necessary research — such as identifying data sources and existing technologies to support the app and conducting a competitor analysis. Shrine will then provide a document that provides details from the kickoff meeting, research findings and outlined development phases.
  • Design and prototyping. The Shrine team will work with the client to design and build a Figma prototype. This prototype consists of mock-ups that are combined with interactions to demonstrate functionality, such as navigation and search results. 
  • Detailed project estimate. Once the client approves the prototype, Shrine will create a detailed project estimate that breaks down each area of work, the tasks associated, and the overall estimate of total project hours. 
  • Client sign-off. Once aligned on the scope of work, timeline and estimate, Shrine Development will move forward on the development phases. At this point, the client will have a clear understanding of the work necessary to develop the entire project. Plus, the client can use the deliverables from the Discovery Phase in whatever way they deem necessary. 
With the right approach, you can set your software development project up for success. Let the Shrine team guide you through the Discovery Phase  and help you achieve your software development goals. Message us at hello@shrinedev.com to get started.