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Who We Are

Shrine is a diverse, global team that is passionate about bringing software solutions to the world. We partner with established businesses across a wide range of industries to build world-class mobile and web-based applications and business solutions.

Since our inception in 2017, our mission has been to help our clients leverage technology to dominate and disrupt their respective markets. Driven by a company ethos centered upon client success, we are relentless in our pursuit of turning software challenges into opportunities.

Our Core Values

Businesses That Trust Us Clients Businesses That Trust Us Clients
Businesses That Trust Us Clients Businesses That Trust Us Clients

History & Leadership

Douglas Drouillard is the founder and CEO of Shrine Development. He began his career as a software developer and then spent over a decade working at venture capital-backed startups. As his skills developed, he was quickly recognized as top talent and thrust into executive-level roles — becoming one of the nation’s first CTOs of a successful state-level political campaign.

He realized early on that he wanted to create something unique with Shrine Development — seeking to make it a place where passionate people could work together to build something great. By carrying this belief and building a world-class team of talent, Douglas and Shrine have been involved in dozens of successful software launches.

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