Frequently Asked Questions

To start, the software we develop is often simply better. (Don’t just take our word for it – check out our reviews [link]). Additionally, our team is selected based on unique values that prioritize win-win collaborations over simply logging hours or creating superficial products [link to core values]. Lastly, our adaptable business approach maintains quality without compromise [link to our services methodology].

‘Discovery Phase’ is the recommended starting point.

For increased speed, we recommend Managed Staff Aug or Staff Aug.

No. In this case you need a CTO. We recommend Braintrust [referral link].

No. In this case you need a CTO. Networking is a good route to finding one. 

This depends on the project phase and its health. Initially, we often recommend Senior resources, then explore cost optimization over time. 

Absolutely. We’ve successfully partnered with many clients’ existing tech teams.

The process for building out software is akin to building out skyscrapers. Preparation and architecture take time and investment. 

Partially completed projects present unique challenges. We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis, aiming to leverage existing work if feasible.

Optimism is great, but realistic timelines matter. While we’ll assess the project, most new builds typically take 4-8 months.