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Taking too long to fill your open dev positions? 

We can pull together a team of pre-vetted, high-quality devs for you to onboard quickly — so you can kick off your projects faster.

Comes with 30-day money back guarantee and Free QA Services¹ for life!

Reputable companies rely on our top talent to scale their dev teams.

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Identify Scaling Needs

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Get Matched With
an Agile Shrine Team

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Unlock Free QA for Life

Experience peace of mind knowing your projects are backed by top-notch quality assurance services, completely free of charge¹.

When you deploy a team from Shrine Development with at least one Senior Dev, you automatically qualify for this exclusive offer.

¹ Conditions may apply. 

Deployable Expert Teams
That Understand Healthcare

Get on the same page quickly with a team that understands you and your business. We’ll match a team to your unique business needs, creating value from Day 1. Shrine understands the healthcare field and has a proven track record of delivering success. Don’t just take our word for it; at Shrine, we believe actions speak louder than words.

Read about how we delivered success for AbbVie.

Say Goodbye to
Staffing Challenges​

Shrine Development’s expert teams can onboard within 14 days, getting you results fast. We take the hard work out of vetting, providing you with team options that are pre-vetted and matched for your organization. Shrine has a proven track record of quickly and seamlessly embedding to achieve results.

Read more here.

Reduce The Risk Of
Wasted Time and Money

Shrine Development mitigates the risk of wasted time and resources by providing expert, agile teams that seamlessly integrate into projects from day one. With a rigorous vetting process, our teams are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to hit the ground running, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness from the outset.

By leveraging our pre-vetted talent pool, clients can trust in the reliability and productivity of their teams, minimizing the potential for costly delays or setbacks.

Our Values Are What Drives Our
Team’s High Quality Of Work

At Shrine Development, our values form the bedrock of our team’s unwavering commitment to technical excellence. Guided by our core principles,  we prioritize being good people, fostering a culture of thoughtfulness, kindness, and non-judgmental support. As Master Craftsmen, we continuously hone our skills and remain client-centered, ensuring that our work leaves a lasting impact and meets the highest standards. Doggedly Persistent, we tackle challenges head-on, maintaining high energy and urgency to overcome obstacles and deliver results. Steady and forward-looking, we approach projects with measured determination, adapting as needed while upholding our commitments and setting the agenda for success, driven by truthfulness and a relentless pursuit of solutions. 

Read more about Shrine’s Values.

Scale Efficiently With Shrine’s
Cost-Effective Teams

Shrine streamlines the growth of healthcare companies with cost-effective teams that deliver efficient scaling without sacrificing quality. Our skilled professionals integrate seamlessly, ensuring rapid expansion without hefty expenses. With Shrine, healthcare firms can confidently meet rising demands while keeping costs in check.

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Shrine has been a key partner for us, playing a critical role in our journey to revolutionize the medical aesthetics space.

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