App Development for Professional Networking Platform

"They brought our ideas to life. Their technical expertise made them one of our most important partners." - Co-Founder

"Shrine Development successfully introduced functional mobile apps according to the original timeline. Led by engaged co-founders, the team is organized and communicative, creating a smooth workflow. They demonstrated a firm grasp of project requirements and delivered practical solutions."
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Plain Sight

I am a co-founder of Plain Sight. We are a mobile platform that helps people decide where to work based on the type of professional connections they want to make.

The Review

Project Background and Scope
We engaged Shrine Development to build our full mobile app.

I found them on Clutch, and Doug and Malissa (Co-Founders, Shrine Development) were natural partners from the beginning. They quickly saw our vision and understood our business model., and the combination of their skills and their partnership has been really valuable for us. They have sharp business acumen on top of their technical skills, and that combination is hard to find in the development community.

We came to Shrine Development with wireframes and relied on them to build Android and iOS applications using React Native. They also created a landing page with a custom admin dashboard using Squarespace.

Shrine Development developed Android and iOS mobile applications using React Native for a professional networking platform. They also built a Squarespace-based landing page with an admin dashboard.

Overall Feedback
They brought our ideas to life. Their technical expertise made them one of our most important partners.

Basecamp is not my favorite platform, but the way they use it has been helpful for us. They’re on top of all the deadlines. The usual trope in the development community is to double any estimate you get, but that wasn’t the case with Shrine Development. They told us it would take six months, and it took six months. Any time we’ve spent beyond that is because the scope of the project has grown. We’re very happy with them as partners, so we continue to engage them.

It can be hard to find tech talent in the Detroit area, so they brought on a few team members during our project, and there were a few that rotated off as well. Bringing new people into an existing project can be hard and slow things down, but Doug and Malissa did a good job of keeping the team aligned through changes.

Project Summary
The Client

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