Blockchain Development for Ticketing Platform

“It's hard to come by a company that has expertise with blockchain, so it was definitely their strength.” - Alex Linebrink

"The platform is more secure and attractive to both the new market and investors. Experienced and professional, Shrine went above and beyond to meet all needs, while their commitment, enthusiasm, and ability to adapt to changes made them a reliable partner."
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Alex Linebrink

CEO, Passage

I'm the CEO of Passage. We're a ticketing and payment platform for specialty events. We help event organizers sell tickets to their events both online and at the door.

The Review

Project Background and Scope
We needed to develop a new R&D into a blockchain-based ticketing side of our company, so we were looking for a development team to help us.

We were introduced by our investor, whom we trusted. Also, they were local, so we met with them and discussed our project. After that, they put together a plan for us, which we liked. They were very professional and creative, so we chose them.

We spent about $140,000–$150,000. We worked with them between August 2017–September 2018. We worked with three of their developers.

They did most of the work using Fork of Ethereum, and they also used node.js for the frontend. We wanted to be able to record ticket transactions on the blockchain, which has a totally different way of looking at security, especially when it comes to transition of ownership. Right now, secondary ticket exchanges don't talk to each other. But with the new platform, we can actually track the original ticket and transfer the ownership right in the blockchain before they let someone resell it on the marketplace. The tracking is done through the blockchain record, which is right on the blockchain ledger.

Project Outcome and Feedback
Shrine Development assisted with developing a proof of concept for a blockchain-based ticketing platform. The platform allows to record ticket transactions and transfer ownership in the blockchain.

They're very professional. Shrine used our existing communication tools, such as Slack and Asana for project management and we had many whiteboarding sessions in our office, which was very convenient. They were great communicators and quickly addressed any issues. Also, they met our deadlines. We do all of our technology development in-house, but they were very flexible on the communication side.

We expanded our current capabilities, which made us more attractive to a new market and investors. Our platform became more secure, opening us up to secondary event ticketing as well as primary. At this point, it's mostly a proof of concept development, so it's only partially live. We're planning to do another phase with them soon.

It's hard to come by a company that has expertise with blockchain, so it was definitely their strength. They were willing to dive into the project and they even took some trips with us to trade shows and physically participated in the process when needed.

That was an experimental project for us, so there are some goals that we wish we could go back and change based on the things we’ve learnt. Shrine was able to adapt to changes, rather than being rigid on the initial contract.

Project Summary
The Client

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