iOS App Dev for Digital Freight Marketplace

“They were very professional and managed the entire process with very little intervention.” - Jake Koppinger

"The app is now in use and is an asset to operations. Shrine Development communicated well and sent regular updates. If there as a delay in one segment, they worked on another piece of the project and kept the process going. They were efficient, attentive, and well-organized."
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Jake Koppinger

CEO, FreightRoll

I'm the CEO of a company called Freightroll, an online freight marketplace.

The Review

Project Background and Scope
We needed an iOS app. The app was reasonably complex. They developed everything for us and took part in every phase, from design to completion. We just concentrated on an iOS version, and I believe they used Swift to build it.

There were four team members: a junior developer, a senior developer, a project manager, and their CEO. The whole project cost around $30,000. The start of the project was around March 2018 and we finished most of the development by the end of April 2018.

I liked the quality of their work and their professionalism. We used two other development firms previously that were not as efficient, but Shrine executed exactly what we wanted.

Project Outcome and Feedback
Shrine Development built a complex app for an online freight marketplace. Completing an iOS version in a short timeline, they participated in every stage of development, from design to delivery.

We are an app- and web-based company, and giving the app to our truck drivers is important to our success. It’s easy to make changes in the product and we were impressed by how quickly they delivered. The location-based services they added enhance our operations and are an asset we will continue to use.

Project Management and Communication Feedback
They were very professional and managed the entire process with very little intervention. If they ran into an obstacle in one section, they would work on other pieces until they heard from us. They never stopped working if we were not responding quickly.

Communications were great. They sent daily updates on what they had achieved, what was outstanding, and how many hours they worked. Most of our communication was through email, but we also had them in our Slack channels. We could chat with them in real time, and they would respond and follow through with our requests.

Feedback Highlights
I liked how quickly they could come back into the project. We completed most of it after about a month, but they jumped in weeks later to help us complete elements and get the product launched. They were always efficient, attentive, and well-organized.

The development itself was solid. My CTO was impressed by the capabilities of the language and the code. It’s very clean and will be helpful when we need to make future changes or audits.

They were completely reasonable and got everything done that we wanted them to do. I don’t have any complaints.

Project Summary
The Client

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