Blockchain Development for Fintech Product Company

“Whenever we faced something new, they took time to research possible solutions.” - Fintech Product Company

"The collaboration was focused, and Shrine Development provided a lot of insight throughout the process. They were flexible and communicated well, and they were generous with their time."
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Program Manager & Development Lead,

Fintech Product Company

We're the innovation center within a large financial institution. We're tasked with creating new financial services and technology products for the market. We are the program manager and development lead for our department.

The Review

Project Details and Scope
Shrine Development created a blockchain platform for a fintech company. The project’s main aim was to introduce the internal team to blockchain technology and related processes.

Program Manager (PM): We wanted to pursue blockchain-related technologies. There were a lot of possibilities, and we wanted to explore our options.

Development Lead (DL): The product is a financial assistance tool that several people within a particular group pay into. At regular intervals, one person from the group receives the entire payout. They used blockchain and a platform called Corda, a distributed ledger program. They also used container technology for deployment.

PM: We worked with one primary developer and one of their owners. Late in the project, we also worked with a project manager to help with follow ups and budget tracking. The primary developer did the bulk of the work.

PM: I think we started working together around October 2018. They delivered the last part of the code around June 2019.

How did you hear about Shrine Development?
PM: A member of our leadership team made a connection with them at a conference. After a few conversations, our executives decided they would be a good fit. They're a nimble company, and we had similar outlooks on flexibility and changing requirements. It was a small, focused project, so we decided to hire them.

Project Outcome and Feedback
PM: One of our primary objectives was going through the process and learning more about blockchain technology. We're focused on learning, and we took a lot of information from this collaboration.

DL: For ad hoc organization and communication, we used Basecamp. We were pleased with their communication overall.

DL: They worked well with minimal information, which is part of the reason we chose them. They were honest and agile, and they worked with us through a lean approach. Whenever we faced something new, they took time to research possible solutions.

PM: From a leadership perspective, one of their co-owners was very flexible with the contract. They never quibbled about costs, and they often wrapped things up without charging us. They were fair and generous, and they gave us leeway.

Project Summary
The Client

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