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“Our client was happy, and the system functioned well.” - CEO, Digital Marketing Firm

"Shrine Development built a platform that connected to the state of California’s voter registration API. Users can register to vote through the WordPress website, which is jointly shared with California."
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CEO, Digital Marketing Firm

I’m the president of a digital marking firm that mainly works on corporate advocacy and political campaigns.

The Review

Project Background and Scope
Shrine Development built a WordPress site that plugged into the state of California’s API system for digital voter registration. The portal allows people to use our website to register to vote in California. We control the site jointly with California.

We worked with two developers. I’d worked with one of their developers in the past.

Our engagement lasted for two weeks in January 2017.

Highlights from working with Shrine Development
They exceeded that development expectation and were clear and communicative.

Our client was happy, and the system functioned well. It’s a setup that we can leverage for other clients, as well.

They’re much more proactive than any other firm I’ve worked with.

I have no complaints.

Project Summary
The Client

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