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“When you find somebody like Shrine Development, hold onto them for dear life.” - VP & Co-Founder

"Shrine Development delivers exceptional value at a breathtakingly rapid speed that outpaces the expected timeline. Working proactively, the team invests time and energy in the latest cutting-edge technology. The team excels at communication and always keeps the client in the loop."
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VP & Co-Founder

Big Data Firm

I’m the VP and co-founder of a big data consulting firm. Our specific focus is on the reinsurance industry.

The Review

Project Background and Scope
A trusted mutual acquaintance recommended Doug (Co-founder & CEO, Shrine Development). I needed a team to deliver on a difficult initial engagement with high expectations and not a lot of time. My friend told me Doug could absolutely do the job.

The team included graphic designers who worked on the UI, architects, project managers, and server-side backend developers.

Most recently, we’ve been engaged with Shrine Development to develop an application for one of our clients. The backend is built on an SQL server, and the frontend uses a React library. The team also performed Windows executable certificate client work. Technologies and programming languages the developers use include the .NET stack, Objective C, and C#. In the past, they’ve helped us create a blockchain proof of concept using IBM Hyperledger technologies and other projects of that nature.

We spent over $100,000. We’ve been working together since October 2017.

Project Outcome and Feedback
Shrine Development created a blockchain proof-of-concept using IBM Hyperledger technologies. Ongoing projects include Windows executable certificates and an application built on React, SQL, and .NET.

Shrine Development is blazingly fast. They deliver earlier than your wildest expectations. I wouldn’t say they’re cheap, but that wasn’t what we were looking for. Their overall value is unquestionable. They offer a combination of quality and speed that is hard to find in this day and age.

Shrine Development is a team of amazing communicators. They leverage tools, technology, and traditional methods to keep in constant contact. We never had to wonder about project status. They make sure the customer always knows what’s going on. The team is always very proactive. They efficiently use Basecamp as a central hub for documentation and communication.

When you find somebody like Shrine Development, hold onto them for dear life. These types of people are hard to find.

I’d like to test their ability to handle multiple concurrent projects at once, but I haven’t been able to yet. All of our projects have been relatively serial in their start and stop nature so far. I can’t count this as a negative because I haven’t assessed their ability to scale.

At this point, I have no concerns. No matter what I bring them, I’ve gotten the sense that they have a good size team considering how efficiently they deliver projects. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with them.

Project Summary
The Client

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