Financial planning mobile app for millennials

Financial Planning Mobile App for Millennials

Pocketnest identified a serious gap in the wealth management market, namely that millennials were often overlooked by financial planners. They had a vision for penetrating this underserved market: build a mobile app to simplify money management for a new generation. They needed a development partner who could bring their mobile app to life.

Initially, Pocketnest began app development with a vendor struggling to meet expectations. As the timeline tightened, the Pocketnest team needed a development partner they could count on. 

Shrine Development stepped in to build upon the existing software and continue development. Timing is critical when it comes to start-up product launches, and delays can be costly and sometimes even lethal.

Shrine’s team was determined to developing an exceptional product without derailing the launch timeline.

Shrine worked with Pocketnest to develop a roadmap and ensure that progress was continuous and in line with its original goals. Both teams committed to a shared vision and close communication, which was critical to the project’s success.

Together, Shrine Development and Pocketnest were able to deliver a finished app ready for market launch.

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I appreciate their focus on communication. They run their company with the experience of being a startup. They go beyond being a development company, going into a mentorship role.
CEO, Pocketnest