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Consumer Rewards App

Pinyada connects its visitors with popular brands and allows them to earn cash back for trying new products, services, apps, coupons, videos and more.

The apps users can receive cash payments direct from Paypal when they redeem the points that they have earned.

Numerous roadblocks and issues with Pinyada’s initial development team put the apps launch in serious jeopardy. Speed to market can make or break an app and the development team Pinyada first hired put the entire project in jeopardy of never getting off the ground.

Recognizing the dangers of being so far behind schedule the team decided to look for another development partner.

Shrines experience helping companies making a transition from one development partner to another along with its experience successfully building and launching apps like Pinyada made it a logical choice as a new development partner.

The Shrine team faced an extremely tight deadline to reorganize development and position the app for a successful launch. It was a challenge the Shrine team was up for.

Shrine’s team realized much of the initial development would be unusable.

Realizing this Shrine’s team immediately began building the iOS app and focused on getting it delivered on time and within scope.

Shrine follows a simple, efficient development process to help its clients navigate through development and once again its experience and dedication to its clients success shined through to result in another successful launch.

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