Plain Sight

Optimizing the local networking experience

Service Provided

  • App development


Plain Sight wanted to revolutionize modern co-working and needed to get to market quickly. They needed a development partner to turn their vision into a fully functioning app ready for market.


Shrine worked closely with the Plain Sight team to turn their vision into a fully functioning app ready for market. Plain Sight relied on the experience of the Shrine team to understand their idea and provide meaningful feedback throughout the entire development process while also helping them avoid the many pitfalls new apps typically experience.


Shrine successfully introduced the functional mobile app to the market along with a landing page for the app, all according to the Plain Sight team’s original timeline. Today, if you work in a coworking space anywhere in the US, you can download the Plain Sight app, learn more about the professionals within your building, and leverage this community to help you grow your professional network.

"Shrine was a natural partners from the beginning. They quickly saw our vision and understood our business model, and the combination of their skills and their partnership has been really valuable for us. They have sharp business acumen on top of their technical skills, and that combination is hard to find in the development community."
Plain Sight