Revolutionizing customer retention for the modern age

Service Provided

  • App development for SaaS product
  • AWS deployment
  • Time-to-market optimization


Brightback needed a development partner to help transform their vision into a reality for their SaaS product that automates customer retention for subscription businesses and SaaS companies. The challenge was to create a superior product that manages customer segmentation and automation, provides real-time retention workflows, integrates with popular customer engagement tools, and provides dashboards and insights for growth executives and success managers.


Shrine was hired to help build out the SaaS product and AWS deployment, ensuring a short time-to-market. Shrine utilized its time-tested app development process to provide accountability and transparency into each step of development. The Shrine team played an integral part in helping the Brightback team create a superior product.


Brightback has been able to focus on making its platform as powerful as possible with the confidence that it has a development partner who can help bring their most innovative ideas to life. The platform provides users real-time retention workflows by integrating with popular customer engagement tools, dashboards and insights for growth executives, and actionable save reports for success managers to engage accounts based on intent to cancel, reason for leaving, competition impact, and more.

"Shrine Development offers a more full-service experience. They’ve demonstrated the capacity to deliver every aspect of a project successfully."