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We're in an AI-Driven Revolution

12 years ago, Marc Andreessen wrote his famous statement that “Software was going to eat the world”.

Those that heeded his warning ended up winning.

For 12 years, being tech-first was enough to survive. But that all changed now.

AI Is The Now!

In November 2022, ChatGPT was released to the masses, and the game changed. No longer was being tech-first enough. Because while software did eat the world, the software is now being eaten by AI.

ChatGPT has recently achieved a remarkable milestone, with over 100 million weekly users. The AI trend is spreading rapidly, and while AI might not take your job or put you out of business, it is more likely than not that someone using AI will indeed outperform your business.

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Data Blueprint

Receive a review of your data and data flows, accompanied by a modernization blueprint.

Codebase Assessment

Evaluate your existing codebases with a focus on tech debt, security, and compliance issues.

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